Features of certification.

T u r n   t h e   w h e e l

The presence of a regulator certificate promotes successful activity of the organization and attraction of new clients. In this case, the firm can obtain several certificates by contacting the financial regulator of the Russian Federation. The more certificates there are, the safer the cooperation with the firm will be for the customer. The most important is the certification of brokers, which was conducted by the state regulator, but not all companies want to apply for certification there. It’s not that the firm is unfair.
Many organizations reasonably believe that the verification of state bodies will be too protracted and complex, and the requirements imposed by such a regulator are prohibitively high. One of the main reasons is the established certain period in which the company should carry out successful activity. However, without a certificate, it is much harder to get customers and it’s not possible for everyone to stay afloat. That is why getting a certificate from CCRFM is a much simpler and more profitable option for a financial regulator.

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