Financial regulators

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Financial regulators are non-profit organizations, through which the distribution of resources and the formation of financial policies take place in the state economy. Regulators of the financial market also monitor the level of services provided by brokers. The work of any financial institution has its own complexities and features that clients can not understand on their own. How can an organization demonstrate its level of professionalism to a client, and a trader to make sure of its reliability? For this purpose, financial regulators were created. Initially, the financial market was not controlled by anyone, but the percentage of fraud on them became more and more, because it was extremely necessary to create a controlling body – financial regulators. Regulators are designed to determine which of the market participants is reliable, and with whom it is better not to cooperate. The RF financial market regulator is one of the following types of organizations: public authorities and services; Non-governmental organizations that have a certificate for such activities; organizations that have received a license but do not exercise strict control; companies that themselves have assumed these functions.

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